Graves Health and Sports Centre in Sheffield

NCSEM Sheffield

The National Centre for Sport and Exercise Medicine in Sheffield is focused on the design, implementation and evaluation of whole-system approaches to the promotion of physical activity.

The vision of the NCSEM (Sheffield) is to enable a culture of physical activity in Sheffield.

The NCSEM (Sheffield) is a partnership between 12 organisations from across the health and care system that represent all elements of civic life in the city; Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield Hallam University, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust, Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group, Voluntary Action Sheffield, South Yorkshire Housing Association, Sheffield Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sheffield City Trust, English Institute of Sport Sheffield.

Move More Sheffield

At the heart of the NCSEM is Move More, a systems-approach to re-engineering physical activity back into daily life through meaningful changes to the physical and social environment of a city. Move More has a strong focus on tackling the inequalities that exist around physical activity and health and the programme places co-production with communities at the centre of its approach.

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NCSEM Sheffield Research and Innovation

The work of NCSEM (Sheffield) is underpinned by world-leading research from our academic partners at Sheffield Hallam University and University of Sheffield. Through the NCSEM (Sheffield) research hub at the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre we translate what works (and what doesn’t) in terms of the promotion of physical activity.

Innovation across the NCSEM (Sheffield) is driven by the needs of our clinical, public and private sector partnerships and co-produced with our communities.

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Placing physical activity at the heart of the NHS

A unique feature of the NCSEM (Sheffield) is the co-location of NHS services within 3 bespoke leisure facilities in 3 economically disadvantaged communities of the City. The sites at Graves, Thorncliffe and Concord deliver approximately 100,000 clinical appointments per year across 20+ NHS services.

These ‘wellbeing-hubs’ transform the way that physical activity is embedded in the NHS and provide opportunities for research and innovation in health and care by bringing together patients, clinicians and researchers from a range of disciplines to generate solutions to ‘real-world’ problems that can then be scaled across the NHS.


  • Co-ordinate a whole-system approach that enables a culture of physical activity in Sheffield.
  • Provide a focal point for advice and guidance on systems-approaches in the promotion of physical activity across the life-course.
  • Promote the benefits of physical activity in the prevention and treatment of health conditions to reduce the burden of non-communicable disease across health and social care.
  • Accelerate the translation of physical activity research into new models of health and care.
  • Inform future government policy.
  • Raise professional standards and share best practice through continuing professional development across the physical activity sector.